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Sodomy Slaughterhouse - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent
Sodomy Slaughterhouse - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent
Sodomy Slaughterhouse - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent

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Sodomy Slaughterhouse - Cybill Troy, Goddess Tangent

Cybill Troy has her good friend Goddess Tangent over for a visit. When these two beautiful and evilly perverted Ladies are looking for some fun, you know its about to get wonderfully nasty.Miss Troy has her gimp laid out, ready and awaiting whatever his Mistress and her guest wish to do with him. With the mouth insert on the gimps transparent face mask clearly betraying the fear and excitement within, the two latex clad Dommes immediately home in on the mouth hole for the first of their intrusive bouts of fun.Testing out the gimps ability to take their fingers, hands and spit into his latex mouth insert, Miss Troy and Goddess Tangent find that the insert has insufficient depth for the knuckle duster cock they want the gimp to gag on. So, off with the face attachment and in deep with the black cock. While Goddess Tangent forces the gimps head forward, Cybill Troy chokes out her gimp with one hand and rams her knuckle mounted cock deeper and deeper with her other. Unable to move and only able to submit to his Mistresses invasion of his throat, the gimp soon has copious amounts of spit and drool forming. With all that slippery spit, its only natural that Miss Troy
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