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GoddessCeleste - The Induction
GoddessCeleste - The Induction
GoddessCeleste - The Induction

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GoddessCeleste - The Induction

Welcome to THE INDUCTION patient. You begin by waking up in my patient facility. greeted by Nurse Celeste, one of My very own clones. She checks your heart rate, your pupils to see if your pills is wearing off..and then she takes your eyesight. You see, privacy is of utmost importance in The Facility. Don't worry...you'll get it back once you're in your own private viewing room..There she leaves you. alone to regain your eyesight. When you open your eyes the tv in front of you is counting down...you feel TRANSFIXED. As if the tv is pulling you IN.HERE I am. the one you've been waiting for, eager to DIG my claws into a fresh MINDDDD. I'm going to get you to stroke stroke STROKE your brain cells away and implant your new ADDICTION to Me! Worship Me as I pull you deeper into My grasp as you enter a new world of psychosexual stimulation! It's like nothing you've ever experienced before. Imagine how it will feel when I take over both that cock and your minddddd. MMMMMmmm.In order to get you to the next level of heightened arousal, I need to play with your brain a little bit further. But you don't mind do you..besides..you're strapped to that chair hahahahaha. So you may as well enjoy the ride!FEEL the rush through your veins as I hack your mindddd. Grip that cock nice and tight as you stroke away any resistence. MMMmmm soon you'll be one of My very own drones!Just the slip of a word off My soft wet tongue and you're under, deeper than you've EVER gone before. You never want this pulsating pleasure to end! This is where you belong.
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