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Goddess Alexandra Snow - Shrinking Experiment
Goddess Alexandra Snow - Shrinking Experiment
Goddess Alexandra Snow - Shrinking Experiment

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Goddess Alexandra Snow - Shrinking Experiment

Did you like the dinner I made for you tonight, honey? It was a special recipe. How are you feeling? A little woozy maybe? That would be because I added something I’ve been working on in the lab to your dinner. I added a new compound I’ve been working on to change the size of organic compounds and cell structures. That’s right, I made a shrinking solution. Now it would be unethical to test this on an **** or a human I actually like. So, I decided to test it out on you. You’re pretty worthless as far as being a boyfriend goes. So, I think I’d rather have you as a pet. Oh, but you keep shrinking and shrinking. Now that I think about it, I don’t know when this will wear off. Or if it will wear off. You’re getting so small. You’re so cute and delectable when you’re this tiny. Maybe I don’t need a pet. Maybe I just need a snack.
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