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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slave Alchemy: Stage Five – Air – Alexandra Snow - pornevening.com

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Slave Alchemy: Stage Five – Air – Alexandra Snow - pornevening.com

Welcome to stage five of my Slave Alchemy series: Air. I’m quite proud of you for making it this far. This process of alchemy can seem very hard at times, but I promise you it’s worth it. Today we’re going to explore separation. Separation is the stage where we make our thoughts and emotions more defined by isolating them from other thoughts and emotions. The process of separation involves truly becoming aware of our authentic feelings. This process involves you coming to terms with the reality of your submission. You’ve chosen to experience this submission instead of reverting back to the old way you were. You don’t need to revert to the way things were. You’re here now. You’re deep in my control. This freedom comes with disregarding what others may think or feel about you. The only person who’s opinion matters is me. It is only with me will you experience this freedom.
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