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Submissive Pixies Fetish Desires - pornevening.com
Submissive Pixies Fetish Desires - pornevening.com
Submissive Pixies Fetish Desires - pornevening.com

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Submissive Pixies Fetish Desires - pornevening.com

There’s no business like fetish business.. and they’re getting down to the core of discipline. Open and exposed, these submissive pixies are all about pleasing and teasing, and their Dommes are over the Top in seductive control. There’s no fetish left undone in this fantasy world; any and all desires will be severely satisfied, or she’ll have to pay – and that’s precisely what she deserves. Scene 1: Pixie’s Fetish Tale Tracy Lindsay is a blonde college babe. Her fetish is putting on handcuffs and getting educated by her dominant girlfriend Lucy Li. In this scene, the lesbian teenager receives some serious anal insertion by dominatrix Lucy Li. Lucy is a curvy goddess with brunette hair and big natural tits. She can’t wait for her subby to lick her shoes. She feeds Tracy her heels before making her kneel in front of her and give her some shaved pussy licking. The strong woman with that black skirt makes the blonde glamour babe suck her hard nipples before spanking her stunning butt cheeks with her bare hands and a black leather whip. Lucy feeds her sub that amazing tight pink cunny, followed by a blowjob with her translucent strap-on. When it’s properly lubed up, she inserts that sex toy into her lesbian friend’s anus and fucks her little pixie, cramming that tight asshole with her dong. Scene 2: Dominatrix Spanking and Flogging Submissive Meek before her mistress, Mona Kim is barefoot and only in a g-string panty with her wrists and ankles cuffed. The haughty blonde goddess Kayla Green looks down upon Mona, the icy spark of dominance flashing in her blue eyes as she applies her beautifully red-manicured hand in a fierce spanking. Then, after having Mona totally strip, Mistress Kayla applies the whip, smacking the naked curvy ass of her submissive. Her mouthwatering 38B breasts hang free and bare in her corset, but will the Domina allow her slave to suckle for comfort? No, instead it looks as if Mona’s task will be to lick her mistress’s pussy and tongue down her legs until she reaches Mistress Kayla’s feet for some delectable toe sucking.
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