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Emily Jane’s hairbrush spanking

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Emily Jane’s hairbrush spanking

Emily Jane has been staying with her aunt, and has left the apartment in a mess, and today is the last straw- picking up towels off the bathroom floor has left her aunt furious and determined to spank this slovenliness and sense of entitlement out of the girl. When she gets home from college she is ordered straight to the study where she sees 2 hair brushes laid out on the chair. Despite her pleas she is getting a hand and hair brush spanking across her aunt’s knee. I am very happy with the way this clip (which was originally a custom) has turned out and showed it to one of my spanko friends. These are a couple of his comments on the film: ‘What a cracking film. Great stuff, and one of the most believable/authentic pieces I’ve seen for a very long time’…. ‘phenomenal performance- her quivering fear at the beginning is very authentic and not at all the hamminess you can see sometimes. Of course, her outfit and body are perfect too, especially those rather gorgeous knickers. Her demeanour throughout, her groans, whimpers and gasps leave one in no doubt that this is the real deal’… In fact, he’s correct – it was the first spanking Emily Jane had taken in a while, and her reactions are all real. She certainly learned her lesson.
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