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Leena Fox - Homewrecked and Drained CUSTOM ORDER - pornevening.com
Leena Fox - Homewrecked and Drained CUSTOM ORDER - pornevening.com
Leena Fox - Homewrecked and Drained CUSTOM ORDER - pornevening.com

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Leena Fox - Homewrecked and Drained CUSTOM ORDER - pornevening.com

NO NAME There is no way you are leaving here today with full balls. I am going to make you give me every last drop before you go home to your wife. It won’t be difficult to convince you considering my curves control you. You crave this. You need this. Sex with her could never compare to the pleasure of cumming for MY perfect body and you know it. There is no resisting my teasing and seduction. I control your every breath. As I instruct you to stroke for me you fall even more susceptible to my desires. Handing over cash is natural while worshipping my big beautiful tits and perfect ass. You grow weaker with every stroke. I make you beg for orgasm behind your wife’s back. You agree to pay a cum tax in exchange for a moment of pleasure. When your payment is less than satisfactory my manner changes and I reveal my more bratty and demanding side. I coerce you to ruin your orgasm and demand another cum tax as well as another orgasm. I work you through several orgasms while reinforcing the important lesson of paying your cum tax. I test your devotion to me by making you cum for me again and again. You would rather jerk your dick raw for me than fuck your wife any day. After this session with me, you won’t be able to get hard for her again. Contains : femdom pov, tit worship, ass worship, cock control, orgasm control, multiple orgasm, homewrecker-fantasy, jerk off instruction, striptease, goddess worship, bratty goddess, slave training, cum tax, financial domination, financial slave training, ruined orgasms
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