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Goddess Christina - Homewrecker Mind Fuckery - pornevening.com
Goddess Christina - Homewrecker Mind Fuckery - pornevening.com
Goddess Christina - Homewrecker Mind Fuckery - pornevening.com

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Goddess Christina - Homewrecker Mind Fuckery - pornevening.com

Here you are again sneaking around while she’s away. Such a bad bad hubby! You just can’t help yourself can you?!? You’re too weak for perfection. You have zero self control when it comes to Me. One day it will likely b1te you in the ass when she finds out. She’ll be so p1ssed at you. You’ll end up being an old lonely hand humping loser. This is how it was meant to be. Look at you beating that cock again. Never able to stop yourself! Go on! Cum my Hand Humping Loser! Acknowledge and embrace your fate! Slavery is the life you’re destined for. The one you’ve always secretly preferred. Humping that hand for Me feels better than any sex you’ve EVER had! The brutal humiliating truth brings you to LIFE! When your brain is wrecked you’re in your happy place. And you know your Goddess loves to play with your mind. *Includes fetishes: Homewrecker, Verbal Humiliation, Pussy Denial, Mind Fuck, Mean Girls, Ass Worship, Tit Worship, Goddess Worship, Body Worship, Masturbation Encouragement, Cum Commands, Men Following Orders
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