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Worshipjasmine - My Mindless Wallett
Worshipjasmine - My Mindless Wallett
Worshipjasmine - My Mindless Wallett

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Worshipjasmine - My Mindless Wallett

My mindless pay zombie drooling, transfixed and dumb to my beauty.I do the thinking for you. All you do is sit there and stare. Besotted and paralysed by my presence. You want to pay, you need to pay and you will take any opportunity to pay pay pay.I want it all and more. I want you broke, I want you bankrupt. I want to permanently scar your financial world and I want it now. How can you say no? You would never. Im too strong, powerful and alpha. You drop to your knees begging for me to ruin you. I will tear your world apart, I will use you for every penny and once I am finished with you I will toss you aside ready for my next addict. Just what you dream of huh to be my mindless wallet.
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