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Hotel Room Scandal – You Only Live Once – Caught Nude, Made To Spank – Pt1

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Hotel Room Scandal – You Only Live Once – Caught Nude, Made To Spank – Pt1

Veronica and Cara meet an attractive man in the hotel lobby and end up back in his hotel room. All too eager to get naked, they are all startled by his wife returning early from the spa. Scolding the little sluts still naked on the bed, she threatens to call their boss. Demanding that the girl punish each other, she relishes as the gorgeous naked girls begin to follow her instructions while her frustrated husband watches. Cara spanks Veronica hard, spreading her legs, erotic and humiliating. Slathering her hot skin with oil, the girls are clearly enjoying their punishment. The wife continues to slut shame them, demanding that Veronicas pussy is spanked extensively. Aware she is tormenting her husband as well, having to watch after spoiling his plans for a threesome. Cara is handed the hitachi to punish Veronica’s sensitive pussy with orgasm after orgasm. “You are a little slut aren’t you?” giggling, sore, sensitive from her release, Cara is ordered to spank her friends oiled bottom even more to teach her a lesson.
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