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Nicolette Bloom - Tease my shorty boyfriend

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Nicolette Bloom - Tease my shorty boyfriend

Did you have fun tonight babe? I know you loved going out to dinner, walking into the restaurant, and having everyone stare at us because I'm so much taller than you. I love it too babe. I really love it when you have to stand on your tip toes to kiss me, that's my favorite. Why don't I tease you a little and show off my long strong legs for you, yeah? I know you want that. Then I want you to stand on your tip toes and suck my tits. I know you really want that. I love when you stand up like that with your cock out and press up against my thighs. Do you want to slide your cock between them? Here my little shorty, let me show you where to hump me, where to put your cock. I want you to cum between my thighs.
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