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Goddess Bs Slave Training 101 - Arab's study from my Holy Book of Spit!

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Goddess Bs Slave Training 101 - Arab's study from my Holy Book of Spit!

DescriptionCome one come all filthy fucking arabs, its time to worship and pray and I have your holy scripture right here...I tease and taunt each and everyone of you pathetic brown men, your beliefs and your sexiest B.S you try to on the world. I am here to liberate you vile and change your way of life, the only way to do that is to completely brain wash you fucking bitches, free your women and take over your lives! Today you will be studying my spit as it drips in huge globs from your pages, stained pink from my brightly painted lips, this clip is absolutely terrifying you brown arab fucks won't want to miss it.Let's kick off my wedding celebration right with tons of kinky fun wedding and honeymoon themed request! ALL REQUEST/TRIBUTES FOR THE MONTHS OF APRIL AND MAY will go to funding my Honeymoon!! Let's give Goddess the Vacation of a lifetime in June! Contest will begin shortly! Check your email for more info or contact me now if you aren't on my email list :)Read More
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