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British Bratz - Youre Mine

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British Bratz - Youre Mine

Description It’s not an option anymore.  You are well and truly entrapped in my world.   I am the only one who can get that cock hard. I give you sad meaningless life purpose. Without me you would be nothing. You need me, you want me, you must have me. You love that I’m a bitchy, superior Goddess. It fuels your addiction. You can’t get enough.  From the very first moment you laid your eyes on me your life changed instantly.  You haven’t been able to nor have you wanted to shake off the constant image of me in your head.  After this clip you will become even more obsessed with me.  You will lust after my curves, dream of me and my voice will play over and over in your head.  You was lost until you found me.  Now, when you look back andysed your life before you committed yourself entirely to me you see how empty and pointless your living was..  Did you think you would become this totally addicted and hooked on me?  Did you know that I would indeed become your fetish?  Did you vision how different your life would be.  How you would wake up and pray to your Goddess, work for your Goddess and be owned in every sense of the word by a Goddess you are completely besotted by.  This Goddess that you will never meet, the only place you get your fix is when you are sat as close as possibly to your computer screen taking in every part of me, hanging on my every word.   Your life depends on me.  You need me more than you can imagine.  You need your daily fix of me. You need to spend on me and you need to do exactly as I say.  As I rule you, I own you, you're my property and are at my disposal.  You will be my addict till the very end..... Read More
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