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London Lix – Ballbusting the Pervert Producer

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London Lix – Ballbusting the Pervert Producer

Actress London Lix has agreed to take a very exciting meeting with big time movie producer. Feeling intimidated at first when she walks into the mansion of the man who has made so many hit films, but that feeling quickly vanishes when he walks out to meet her wearing nothing but a pair of socks and a towel. Bewildered by what is happening, London tries to ask him to put some clothes on but the mogul producer insists its perfectly fine and wants to discuss her being in his upcoming project. Despite the fact that London is obviously uncomfortable, the pervy producer heavily implies that if she is willing to fool around with him, there may be a bigger part in the movie for her. After removing his towel to expose himself to her, London fondles his cock and balls a bit…………however……….London was fully prepared for this to happen. Having been warned by her peers of his predatory ways, London devised a plan that if he tries to come onto her, she will ruin permanently ruin his testicles. Lulling him into a false sense of security with her sweet touch and talk, she stands up and plants a devastating kick right into his bare balls with her pointy toe high heels. Doubled over in shock and pain, he grows angry with London and even threatens to ruin her career. But this only serves to motivate her even more to destroy his pathetic manhood so that he can never prey on another actress again. After punishing him with kick after kick that leaves him sprawled out on the ground, she pulls him up to his feet for one last, ball-destroying punt to the nuts!
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