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Goddess Canna - Orgasm control training - Week 10

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Goddess Canna - Orgasm control training - Week 10

This is a custom clip request, no name is used. Make sure to complete WEEK 1 part 1, WEEK 1 part 2, WEEK 2, WEEK 3, WEEK 4, WEEK 5, WEEK 6, WEEK 7, WEEK 8 and WEEK 9 of orgasm control training before participating. In this clip series I control your orgasms and cock completely. Every night you'll have homework, an orgasm control assignment. You'll watch the video only up to the current day to keep future tasks a surprise. It could include edging instructions, locking your cock in chastity, cum eating, CBT instruction, a ruined orgasm and more - anywhere from 10 minutes to hours. Only if you complete all your tasks and make it through all my challenges without cheating will you maybe earn an orgasm.The long awaited final custom of this series.  As I didn't realize this would be the last clip commissioned, I'd be open to filming a
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