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Brutal Master – Chienne Brutalized On The Dog House

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Brutal Master – Chienne Brutalized On The Dog House

Agony, just what this cunt deserves Chienne is a self-described cunt who knows deep down in her soul that her entire life must be dedicated to suffering, pain, degradation, humiliation and torture. She can’t pass a public toilet without getting down on her knees and licking it clean. She is not human, she is something else, but more of all, she is in HELL!’s Dungeon facing one of the most intense tortures in that place of agony, the Dog House. This is a combination torture pony, strappado, and whipping action and it did not take long for the bitch to be whimpering, moaning, screaming, and crying – just like you would expect. Just to make things more unbearable for the bitch, her ankles were weighted with a cruel ball and chain and her nipples were bound to her toes, causing even more agony. The cunt later said she had never experienced such agony, especially in her shoulders which were cruelly pulled up and back in classic strappado style. This is about making a worthless cunt suffer just for your amusement. HELL! is where cunts like Chienne go to suffer, and that is what happened here. Chienne and the Dog House Strappado.
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