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Princess Ashley - Hot Girls Never Pay

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Princess Ashley - Hot Girls Never Pay

You heard Me, beta. Hot girl like Me NEVER pay. That's what losers like you are for! Why would I ever pay for My own drinks or meals or clothes when I have an army of peasants waiting to cover every single tab that I rack up living My spoiled, expensive life! I never have to work a lame job, I never have to stress about bills or money. Those are all BETA LOSER problems, not Princess problems! My "problems" are picking out which pair of expensive heels I'm going to wear of which expensive bottle of champange to pop. I live an extravagant life of luxury while you slave away and sacrifice so hard to just to be able to contribute to My lifestyle. It doesn't matter than I'm already very wealthy, you'll live on top ramen and bike to work just to make Me a little bit richer.Brat Girls, Financial Domination
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