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Gabriella, Rea - The Golddiggers - EXTREME Hand Domination And Financial Dominatio

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Gabriella, Rea - The Golddiggers - EXTREME Hand Domination And Financial Dominatio

Beautiful girls like us must not work, especially if they are smart! We are Dominas for years already and we can understand a slave from far. But we are interested in ritch slaves, so we go with sexy dresses on bars that they go and we fish! We know how to manipulate them so easily, to be our slaves and spend their money at our feet! Today we fished a nice middle aged businessman with large fortune from his step-father. After drinking and making him trust us, the idiot, we come to his luxury apartment and we know that we will get richer when we leave!Our gold mine did a lot of compliments about our hands on the club before and we will use our beautiful hands for our profit. We show to him our fingers and he can see that I have just one ring and Rea nothing! We ask him for some expensive rings and he says that he already bought a lot of things for us. We make him worship our hands and we smother him, covering his face under our palms. He says that he will think about the rings, so we keep dominating him with our hands, until he agrees to buy one ring for each finger!Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Gabriella, Rea, Dual Domination, Double Domination, HOM, Hand Fetish, Hand Over Mouth, Hand Fetish, Face Slapping, Faceslapping, Face Slap, Faceslap
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