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Nina Leigh - Girlfriend replacement disorder

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Nina Leigh - Girlfriend replacement disorder

Obsessing, paying, jerking and obeying. You spend hours obsessing over me. You get home from your day job and instead of having a real girlfriend, spend your time watching my clips, spending money on me and being totally besotted. Its what you come home to every night, me on your screen. After you cum, you feel bad and upset, used and sorry for yourself, assuring yourself you will become ‘normal’ and one day and have a REAL life girlfriend. Your lying to yourself, you will never have a girlfriend, a real life relationship, i am your replacement and FAR better of a goddess than you can EVER imagine getting, being the loser you are. You’ll be obsessing over me, coming to me every. fucking. day. For as long as your dick can physically get hard.. As much as you cry wank yourself watching me, confused when you come down to earth from the euphoria i gave you, wishing you didn’t get so hard for me, as i ruin you more everyday. As i treat you like and don’t care about your situation. You DO get hard, harder than ever! And you can’t stop!Categories: GODDESS WORSHIP, FEMDOM POV, VERBAL HUMILIATION, HUMILIATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, LOVE ADDICTION
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