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Madam Violet - Dominating Your Dick

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Madam Violet - Dominating Your Dick

I make you stop and start as I want to. I tease you. Torment you really, as I finger Myself and you hear how wet I am, and then suck and lick My juices off My finger and then I allow the GODDESS nectar to slip from My lips. Five slow strokes, 3 fast as I My powerful words penetrate your pussy-mind, fucking it relentlessly, constantly. Making you stop to beg regularly, I love to hear you beg. Beg My left tit! Now My right. Beg My ass. It’s ok, I understand you love stroking your cock too much to ever fathom locking it away for Me and giving Me the key, I accept your weak limitations and will adapt. If you won’t lock it up then I will use it against you. I will use it to control and dominate you. Control the cock control the man. I am going to control your cock right now with perfection. And as I do I will mould your mind to My whims. I dictate when you stroke and what speed you stroke at. If you want to cum you must make a promise to become more obsessed and more addicted to Me. It will have a deep impact on your mind as whilst you’re dripping and drooling you’re deeply mesmerised. Repeat after Me then get ready to CUM. A 30 second count down in which you start off fast and furious and end up slow agonisingly, as I trigger your orgasm. Perhaps it will be the best orgasm ever, perhaps you’ll be unable to keep up as I dangle you over the cum edge and you’ll ruin it. Come with Me slave, and find out.
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