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Obey Lady Ashley - Charmed: The Orb

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Obey Lady Ashley - Charmed: The Orb

pen your eyes wide and enter a world of magic and seduction. My charms captivate your imagination and control your body. You are programmed to obey at first sight.We're going to play a game. Start by putting your hand on your cock. Good. Now grab it and start stroking. Watch my body. And watch for the orb. When you see it, open your eyes wide.In this mental domination experience, you will focus on the charm Orb. Let it flood your vision. As you stare into the light, my image will appear. My hourglass curves in velvet and nylon will cause your cock to grow. You will stroke your way deeper. You will obey the power of the Orb.By conditioning a physical response to my charm, I am creating in your brain the reaction I desire. It's so easy to stare at my pretty face. It's such a pleasure to fall mesmerized by the sway of my body. It's your bliss to always react to the trigger.
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