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my Goddess Valeria - Annabelle and Christina first sloppy kiss clip together

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my Goddess Valeria - Annabelle and Christina first sloppy kiss clip together

Annabelle and Christina meet each other for the first time. Christina is new. They do their first sloppy kiss scene together and they don't disappoint. Both find each other irresistibly hot and they like it wet and messy. They start with kissing lips, but were already starting to drool once they're lips touch. The sloppiness really begin when they start using their tongues. They lick each other's lips, touch each other's tongues, lick each other's necks, and suck each other's tongues. They're so passionate and sensual. The girls drool so much that it goes everywhere on there mouths, but they love it like that. They love it so much that they try to catch and suck the long drool lines in their mouths. One big hot and sloppy mess.
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