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Clubstiletto – Shrunken Foot Worshipers Last Orgasm – Mistress T

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Clubstiletto – Shrunken Foot Worshipers Last Orgasm – Mistress T

Mistress T surprises you by saying she is going to let you worship her feet after rejecting your many requests to do so. What you don’t know is that she has used a secret potion on her feet that shrinks you when you start to lick her soles. As she orders you to kiss, lick and worship her feet, they keep getting bigger and bigger until you find yourself no bigger than her little toe. You are so tiny and her feet and toes are so huge, it’s overwhelming. The moistness, the aroma, the texture, you literally are climbing between her toes to get to every square inch of her magnificent feet. Then Mistress T tells you to stroke your cock, she is going to let you cum. She gives you a countdown and you struggle not to cum as you are buried in her toe flesh and essence. This will be the last orgasm of your life because someone as tiny as you has no purpose, she will squeeze you between her toes once you cum and then devour you. What a way to go!
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