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Clubstiletto – Irresistibly Tasty – Mistress Kandy

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Clubstiletto – Irresistibly Tasty – Mistress Kandy

Mistress Kandy has her slave locked in the cage with only his head sticking out. She is there to further address their discussions about the slave becoming her full toilet. She asks him “You want to eat my waste don’t you?”. The slave says he does. What slave wouldn’t after all? “Part of that will be to stimulate my ass with your tongue first” she says to the slave. Kandy puts her finger in her bum hole and then pulls it out for the slave to smell. After running her gloved hand under his nose she sticks the finger in his mouth. “Taste it” she tells him. Kandy then gets up on the cage so her ass is now literally sitting on the slaves face. He can now lick and lick her ass and get his tongue inside her as far as possible. “That tongue needs to get wet and deep in there” she says with a smile. A great camera angle gives you a full screen close up view of Kandy’s beautiful fat ass as it slides up and down the slaves tongue. She mentions that she purposely didn’t wipe herself very well previously and that is so the slave gets a sense of the taste before his first experience as a human toilet. “Tell me how hungry you are?” she demands. The slave replies, “I’m so hungry, Goddess.” Yes, Kandy has trapped him, he will be her full toilet, he is to weak to say no. Now Kandy gives you a notice. She points and says maybe you should take this slaves place. Are you up to? Now she has been licked and tongued enough. “Wrap you lips around my anus, it’s time” she tells the slave. The slave does as he is expected to do and then Kandy turns around and has him lick her glistening clean. She again looks at you and says, “Could you do as good a job?” Could you?
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