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Charlotte Elise - CEI Therapy-Fantasy Mini Series

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Charlotte Elise - CEI Therapy-Fantasy Mini Series

CEI Therapy-Fantasy PART 1: Teasing Closer This is something immersive today. Exciting. Daring. Nerve wracking. Something you’ve been wanting for a long long time. Yearning for, but just couldn’t do it yourself because of fear, stigma, and guilt. All useless things simply keeping you from real satisfaction. I’m going to inch you closer to your goals and truly test you. You don’t have to fear what you want. Let yourself go. Allow me to help guide you to doing what it is you long for: eating your own cum This is the beginning. CEI Therapy-Fantasy PART 2: Indulging curiosity Closer than ever before you’re finally beginning to want more. Become comfortable. Accept what it is you want. In this clip I push you further than you’ve ever gone. You’re so close to tasting heaven. We both know you can do it. It’s so easy when you want it that badly. CEI Therapy-Fantasy PART THREE: Delicious satisfaction Curiosity the cat, but it was satisfaction that brought it back. This is the final part to your series. You are ready. You will eat your own cum, and you will like it. Are you excited? You’ve come so far from playing chicken with your own desires. It’s time to undo the cycle of denying yourself.
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