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Goddess Jessica - All of My Slaves

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Goddess Jessica - All of My Slaves

When you’re born submissive, you spend your whole life searching for a purpose, a higher power to worship. What you need is a FemDom icon, like me. So many have already found me. I motivate them to work harder, to be better. These slaves would be nowhere without my guidance. The sense of camaraderie my Cult provides them with feels stable and comfortable. My slaves are proud to serve me. I have so many of them and as long as they stay loyal and obedient, I spend my precious time training them. Everyone has a place. I can always find a way for them to be useful. I act as a teacher, a life coach, a muse. As I name a few of them off, I can guarentee their cock twitches with glee at even being mentioned. All men need a strict, female power in their life to spark the passion within them and keep them on a successful life path. Some only need a little direction. Some must live as a monk, abstaining from all social and recreational activities and focus solely on me and their career.
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