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HumiliationPOV - Princess Miki - You Date My Clip Store

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HumiliationPOV - Princess Miki - You Date My Clip Store

Take your cock in your hand and get nice and hard for your girlfriend. LOL you fucking loser, I’m not talking about me. No. I’m not your girlfriend and you know that. Not even your virtual girlfriend. You’re not dating me, your dating my clips, you date my clip store. Your level of obsession for my clips has been elevated to such a level that you’re practically in a full time committed relationship with my clip store. You are in a relationship with my clips. That’s how pathetic you are. So go on, start jerking for your girlfriend.Night after night you jerk off to me, but not even to me, but to the prerecorded version of me. I know it feels so real when I look into your eyes, but really my camera, and start speaking to ‘you’. It feels so real because I get so deep in your brain. I know how to say all the right things that make your cock twitch. But it’s not for you, it’s for you and all the rest of the jerkoff losers out there. The lonely little jerkoffs that are also dating my clip store. You’re just another one of my obsessed little jerk puppets, hopelessly in love with not me, but my clips. You don’t know me, you’re not dating me, you’re dating my clip store.Every single weekend you take ‘me’ out on dates, while I’m out on an actual date with a real man. While other men are out on dates with their girlfriends, you stay in on a little date with me, carefully picking out which clip you’re gonna spend all night with. And your cock gets so hard in anticipation, thinking about the night that’s ahead of you. You get so excited. So excited to spend yet another all nighter with me. And while you are browsing through my clip store thinking about which one/s you wanna buy, my boyfriend and I are on our little date. I don’t even know that you’re at my clip store buying clips.And when I get home from my date, my boyfriend picks out which lingerie he’s going to fuck me in, just like you carefully pick out which clip you’re going to jerkoff to that night. But not quite. One is what a real man would do, the other is what you do, you’re such a fucking loser, aren’t you? And I know that everything I just told you really turned you on. Maybe you’re a cuck. A cuck who’s all alone. No one really wants to cuck you. No you don’t even have girlfriend, you’re dating my clip store and you always will.You haven’t been on a date in so long, at least not since you discovered my clip store. You can’t look back, can you? No you can’t, you are hopelessly in love with this relationship you’ve found yourself in. You’re fine with jerking off to images of me for the rest of your life. You’ll never be the guy who gets to fuck me in this dress. You’ll never fuck anyone because you like it this way. You love being my little jerkoff loser and I don’t even know who you are. And you don’t even know who I am, but it doesn’t matter because you are happy with the relationship you have with my porn, with my clips, with my cruel verbal humiliation.So keep jerking to your reality, your life of commitment to my porn, my clips. You’re going to buy all of my clips and add them to your library and you’re going to spend every night watching my clips instead of going on dates. You’re so turned on by this, aren’t you? Yes, you don’t wanna go on a date, this is your idea of a date, listening to me, watching me. This is the kind of intimacy that you crave, the only kind of intimacy that’s available to you as long as you have a few bucks to spend. You are hopelessly in love with my clip store. You love dating my clip store, you love being in a committed relationship with porn.You somehow find a way to sexualize everything I say and you just get more and more obsessed. Deeper and deeper in love. You won’t crave real dating ever again. This is where you want to be, every single weekend. Forget about dating, you already have a girlfriend you love very deeply. And you’re thankful that you’re finally not alone because my clips understand you. You feel less alone with them. But in reality you are all alone in your room with your cock in your hand making love to your cock. You’re a fucking loser all alone, dating your screen. But that’s all you deserve, and you know that and that’s why you love my clips so you’re going to continue to date my clip store forever loser.– Princess Miki! –Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, POV, Princess Miki, Miki, Princess, Mind Fuck, HumiliationPOV, Humiliation, Degradation, Mental Domination, Brat Girls, Cuckolding, Asian, Cuckold, Cucky, Cuck, Cuckie, Findom, Financial Domination, Verbal Humiliation
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