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Hardtied – Nov 25, 2020: Attachment | Jade Indica
Hardtied – Nov 25, 2020: Attachment | Jade Indica
Hardtied – Nov 25, 2020: Attachment | Jade Indica

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Hardtied – Nov 25, 2020: Attachment | Jade Indica

Jade gets her fantasy fulfilled. Jade likes to have her control taken away. Her fantasy is that some stranger makes her do things. When he puts cuffs on her wrists and ankles things start to go very wrong. Suddenly there’s a dick in her face and she’s going to have to suck it. She’s strapped to him. If she wanted to get away she would have to break free from him. His dick is going to go where he wants it to. Jade has no choice. He walks her out to the barn, but she doesn’t get to walk upright. Her legs are hobbled and her hands are taped up. In the barn he locks her down tight to use her however he wants.
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