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ClubStiletto - Mistress T - My desperate Ass Lover

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ClubStiletto - Mistress T - My desperate Ass Lover

Mistress T is naked and working out on the elliptical. She narrates this scene which makes it unique and very erotic. She comments “I do love to see you suffer” as she knows her ass drives you wild. She encourages you to crawl in close. While working out she pulls her ass cheeks apart and you get great upward angles of her pussy and ass, and entire body for that matter.She comments how smooth and velvety her ass is and how nice it smells, all sweaty and dirty. “You could just live in there couldn’t you?” she asks. Now she wants your tongue deep in her hole and then up and down her crack. “Stroke your dick for me” she says but also tells you to hold off as long as possible. Total titillation through this entire four and a half minute clip, see if you can hold off coming until the end.Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom POV, POV, Club Stiletto, MistressT, Mistress T, Mistress, Workout, Naked, Nudity, Ass Fetish
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