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Bratty Bunny - Begging - Dripping - Edging for Long Legs and Cleavage

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Bratty Bunny - Begging - Dripping - Edging for Long Legs and Cleavage

I know what you like. What your weakness is. My long lean gorgeous legs get you mesmerized. I'm here to tell you our relationship was already been established, I'm the Goddess and you are the slave. But I want to hear it from you. You're going to beg for me today, beg so hard. I'm going to put you to the test today, slave. If you pass, you'll be a good boy and a slave. I'll always be superior and powerful over you. Do you want to be a good boy for me? I'm going to make you edge - stop and go stroking to my long legs and my delicious cleavage. I'll show you that I control my dick... yes the one you have there. It's mine. You're going to be a dripping mess for me. Bed and drip for Goddess Bunny. Start begging for me. I'm in control here. I'll test you the whole way through, the countdown to cum... but is it the real one? Stare at my perfect legs, my beautiful face, my perky tits and do as I say.
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