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Empress Jennifer - Hawt Dawg Humiliation

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Empress Jennifer - Hawt Dawg Humiliation

you really want be a real slave? There are so many wanting that same thing. you don't even know all the things I do to My servants. I would make you do things you would never tell anyone. O you would STILL do it? Hm.. way more pathetic than I thought. you cant pretend to be a slave... you cant pretend to do the things I will make you do. I love having My slaves entertain Me. When I go wherever I want and get whatever I want, that leaves only a couple things for you to pay for.. to do for Me. Just so you know, I'm giving you a go tonight.. I laugh at you as you totally humiliate yourself for Me. I make you perform for Me. Making you do the unspeakable, I guide you to complete lowliness and enjoy every moment of it. See that chub? That means you like it. And this is a big deal, I don't share this kind of fun with just anyone.. only faggy fucks like you.
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