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Tara Tainton - I

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Tara Tainton - I

THIS ENDS NOW. My *step-son*, my poor poor boy... he's been bullied too many times! I've done everything I could, held myself back, listened to his needs, his wishes, his fears. And this time, it's just all too much. I've got to take things into my own hands. I know I will succeed - I will do ANYTHING to protect my step-son. I'm much older, an adult, I know how to talk to a bully. I know how to handle his type. Even if I find he's a sweet talker - or happens to be extremely good looking at nearly naked as he answers his door. Even if he says he's always wanted ME, no one else deserves me, and no other woman has ever really turned him on. EVEN if he says all bullying will end if I just... if I just... more than SAY I want him in return, if... if... if I let him HAVE ME. But there's something I didn't consider, ONE thing I didn't count on: how I'd feel, the overwhelming, whole-body URGE I would have when I set eyes on his massive BULL COCK.
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