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Lucy Quinn - My New Master: Impregnation Cuckold JOI

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Lucy Quinn - My New Master: Impregnation Cuckold JOI

After we opened up our relationship, I come home to you after seeing my new Master, who brings out the submissive in me in a way that you never did... But as I tell you about all things I did with him, you start to get turned on... so I lead you in masturbating while I tell you about our play. You've made up a nice bath for me, and I undress, showing you the rope harness my Master makes me wear, and all the gear he used on me. When I get in the tub... I have something big to tell you... Master has an impregnation fantasy and he wants to get me pregnant! I said yes of course, but don't worry! This won't affect our relationship much, we just need to be careful that your cum never gets close to me, so I guide you in cumming in your hand while I tell you the ways Master wants to get me pregnant...
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