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KimberleyJx - Star Whores A Star Wars Parody

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KimberleyJx - Star Whores A Star Wars Parody

Princess Leia trapped against her will, in an unfamiliar location somewhere on Tatooine, Leia is now a pet, a plaything, put to work by the vile and disgusting creature known as Jabba the Hutt. Little does she know that her friends, desperate to do what they can, are unable to save her in time. Leia is sold at Jabbas private auction, like a piece of meaningless property, to a cruel and twisted bounty hunter, to be used for his own amusement. Against her will, she is sold into a life of slavery, debauchery and servitude. She must perform acts that she does not want to, feel things she has not felt, and taste things she has never tasted. This is surely the end for Leia, or will she ensure her own freedom, and in turn, the freedom of the entire galaxy... Leia has to perform sex acts on not only the winner of the auction but on everyone he allows to join in. This involves several different creatures which huge cocks. Leia has no say, she has to take them all like a good Star Whore.
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