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Bratty Jamie - The Good Book

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Bratty Jamie - The Good Book

Were you a good Christian/Catholic raised on the good book? Brought up in a religious household being told that being gay is a sin? Masturbating is a sin, love thy neighbor all of that stuff. Do you still believe in Jesus Christ himself? Oh come on you are how old and still believe in fairy tales? I'm here to tell you that your rents fed you a book of lies and that makes you angry doesn't it? You have already figured out that masturbation is one of the best feelings ever. The church Bratty Jamie encourages it but first you must give up your make believe God and worship me your one true God. Worship me as your Goddess while you stroke that hard throbbing cock of yours. Just like any church I will have you repeat a prayer to me and only then are you allowed to cum. Once I allow it trust me I am not done with yet church boy.
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