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Empress Jennifer - Wanna Worship? URINN Luck!
Empress Jennifer - Wanna Worship? URINN Luck!
Empress Jennifer - Wanna Worship? URINN Luck!

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Empress Jennifer - Wanna Worship? URINN Luck!

your'e such a good worshiper. you've been worshiping for a while now. but how far will you go? you have to worship Me the way I want you to worship Me. I know tasting My boots, My spit and feet are on your mind.. worshiping them is a super hot fantasy.. but I know tasting My Goddess pussy would be something you couldn't even dream of. you know you don't deserve to.. but I know you're dying to lol.. I've decided I'm going to let you tonight. worship My Goddess pussy the way I want you to... The way a real loser like you SHOULD.. you're going to drink My golden nectar. THIS is the REAL LOSER way to worship My pussy. The closest you'll ever get to it.. haha
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