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Rapture's Fetish Playground - Olympic Wrestling

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Rapture's Fetish Playground - Olympic Wrestling

It seems some men never learn. Guess what Rapture found in her emails today? A little, and by little we mean tiny, man who sent her a message suggesting that women could never be as strong as men, and stating that her biceps and tits were just balloons. Not one to take kindly to talking, Rapture challenges the dweeb to a contest of strength. The first challenge has Rapture easily out lifting the dweeb, both with barbells and dumbbells. She is massive compared to him and the difference in muscle shows. They move on to an arm wrestling competition, where we get to see her baseball shaped biceps easily dominate him. If that wasn't enough, the two finish off with a full nelson contest. Each has the chance to put the other in the hold while the other tries to escape. Rapture so thoroughly dominated the little dweeb that we had to stop filming to spare him whatever ounce of dignity he had left. This is one of our favorite videos showing Rapture's unbelievable strength and her ability to destroy not only women, but any man who challenges her.
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