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Gorgeous Feet Mesmerising Power
Gorgeous Feet Mesmerising Power
Gorgeous Feet Mesmerising Power

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Gorgeous Feet Mesmerising Power

Damasco is her codename. She is gonna make her closing checkmate to Andy. She is in his house, searching for something…. Something she is not finding, when Andy enters in the big hall with something in his hand. He has a glass vase in his hands. He attacks Damasco on the shoulders…Damasco wakes up in a cellar. It is hot as HELL and the space is soundproof. Andy is in the room, Damasco is completely tied up with an American black tape. Damasco asked Andy to untie her, cause she is having an heart attack for the heat. Andy doesn’t believe her of course. Damasco claims she’s telling the truth, then she asks him to untie her legs at least. She is having a circulation block in her her legs and feet. She adds Andy isn’t a professional, so he cannot know how to properly tie a person. Andy is now getting convinced by her, but not at all. He removes her boots, then her socks, to verify if Damasco’s feet are blue or black. When her feet are naked, it is too late of course. Damasco doesn’t have any problem, but she moves her toes quickly, to mesmerise Andy with her feet. After few moments, Andy passes from the angriness for the trick, to a complete catatonic status. Damasco has got him in her power.Damasco orders him to untie her completely from the tape. Then she would consume her revenge. She orders him to lick her smelly perfect feet. Andy executes her orders accurately. He worships her feet like he is kissing a gorgeous princess. He is reduced into Damasco’s feet slave. He is a fetishist zombie ready to please his Mistress. Damasco is taking fun with him, all the way. A foot massage with tongue, there is not gonna be the only thing she is obtaining…Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Foot Worship, Footdom, Foot Domination, Footworship, Foot Fetish, Footlicking, Foot Licking
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