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Czech Soles - Megan - Foot slave under his mistress
Czech Soles - Megan - Foot slave under his mistress
Czech Soles - Megan - Foot slave under his mistress

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Czech Soles - Megan - Foot slave under his mistress

Megan’s slave has a free pass today from his cage and he will take care of Megan’s high heels and feet how ever she wishes. He’s very obedient because he knows what kind of punishment would come otherwise and he knows how cruel Megan can be. She actually enjoys the punishment, as well as obedient slave who will crawl at and under her feet and lick her shoes in humility. Megan is sitting on her throne, high up, and the slave doesn’t even reach the bottoms of her shoes. He is an absolute nothing for her. Just a footstool, doormat and foot massage machine. A creature to exhaust her rage on and a toy to play with. She is the perfect goddess and no man is nothing more then a slave to her.Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Czech Soles, Young Mistress, Teen, Megan, Footdom, Foot Domination, Foot Slavery
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