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Clubstiletto - Miss Madison - Stinky Fart and Golden Treats
Clubstiletto - Miss Madison - Stinky Fart and Golden Treats
Clubstiletto - Miss Madison - Stinky Fart and Golden Treats

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Clubstiletto - Miss Madison - Stinky Fart and Golden Treats

Gorgeous Miss Madison is sitting on her toilet table, wearing knee high leather boots and a leather dress, while talking to you. “If you want to be my live in slave, toilet duties will be part of your tasks” she explains, adding “but what slave doesn’t want everything that comes from his Mistress, after all.” She tells you to look under the toilet and imagine what it will be like when you are below her, looking up and gazing at her ass and pussy. Your mouth wide open. “Think how glorious it will be looking up at me, anticipating what is to come” she says. What will come first, her piss or her chocolate, she questions you. “It doesn’t matter, in time you will learn to love that and everything else, my spit, even my nail clippings.” At that moment she starts to pee, she’s been holding it for just this moment. It starts to splatter on the vinyl on the floor and pool. “Since you’re not here, I’ll have to use this guy” she says, signalling to her slave to crawl below her. She says if you’re lucky, next time it might be you.The scene now rolls over and this time we find Miss Madison sitting on a porcelain toilet. As she starts to piss she says, “Some day if you’re lucky all of this might go in your mouth.” She stands up after relieving herself, so you can see the nectar and she tells you to get your head down there. You can drink from the toilet bowl and you’ll probably want to lick the toilet lid too, after all her ass was on it. Then again we move to a different scene and this time the goddess is on her lounger about to blast a fart but only a gentle puffer comes out. “That’s it, but it still stinks she says” which makes her slave giggle. Naturally he loves anything that comes from her, even gentle farts. She tells you to crawl between her ass cheeks to smell it because of course you love that sort of thing too.
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