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Society SM – Revel Versus Suffer – Cheyenne Jewel

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Society SM – Revel Versus Suffer – Cheyenne Jewel

Cheyenne is truly in her zone…a hard working and successful model, a disciplined regimen of diet and exercise to keep in top shape and a great attitude…Unfortunately for Cheyenne, none of that really earns her any points…in fact, it all probably works against her…One can tell from the wide and devious smile on Feenix’s face, he is thrilled to have Cheyenne at his whims…We work with all types around here…from newbies to performers to really serious players…Cheyenne falls into the last group…and the look on his face shows how Dominants feel about having time with a slave whom they know can endure…it’s freedom…On this day, Feenix revels in that freedom and Cheyenne suffers…strict bondage, tight clamp predicaments, TENS shock and anal play along with orgasm denial and orgasm overload…Cheyenne proves her longevity has not gone to her head…always willing to endure a challenge for an orgasm…it was great to have her back..
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