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The English Mansion - Miss Zara DuRose, Mistress Sidonia - Punished Fuck Puppets - Complete Movie

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The English Mansion - Miss Zara DuRose, Mistress Sidonia - Punished Fuck Puppets - Complete Movie

The two slaves are tied up together in the over night cell, when Zara realises her cuffs have become loose enough for her to escape. She is feeling so horny, after being denied an orgasm for a long time, the male slave is soon straining in his chastity cage as she licks it, trying to release the cock, to no avail. Zara decides she should still get pleasure so mounts his face, ordering him to lick her desperate cunt, when she is about to orgasm she hears Mistress Sidonia’s voice through the webcam monitor. She is furious at the two naughty slaves so decides to punish them both, tying them to each other and spanking them hard. Mistress then decides to continue their edging and teasing, making slaveboy lick Zara’s cunt and then fuck her, keeping it just a little away for coming, as she licks Mistresses nipples. She decides to take the slaves cock and fucks it very gently, enough for her to orgasm but the slave to be left frustrated, teaching them who is in charge.Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, The English Mansion, Miss Zara DuRose, Mistress Sidonia, Dual Domination, Double Domination, Bench Bondage, Bondage Male, Bondage, Cell, Chastity Male, Chastity, Locked Dick, Cock Locked, Cock Cage, Keyholder, Key-Holding, Chastity Tease, Cock Sucking, Edging, Female Orgasm, Handjob, Male Sex Slave, Mistress, Slavegirl, Pussy Worship, Cunnilingus, Pussy Eating, Pussy Licking, Queening, Sex, Sit Sling, Slavegirl and Boy Tied Together, Spanking, Femdom Spanking, Spanking F/M, Spanked, Spank, Tease
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