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Clubstiletto – It Invades your Thoughts – Mistress T

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Clubstiletto – It Invades your Thoughts – Mistress T

This POV scene opens with Mistress T’s pussy up close and in your face. She’s touching herself and purrs “That sweet little pussy, you just want everything that comes from it, don’t you?” As she moves back she looks down at you and orders you to stick your tongue out. She bends over and gets in your face and says “I told you to get your fucking tongue out, do you think I can’t see you?” She sticks her tongue out at you and asks if you are going to be a good piss drinker. “Can you swallow and keep your mouth open at the same time, while stroking that limp dick of yours” she says in a degrading voice. Mistress T tells you she wants to see you rock hard before she gives you her piss. Now she turns away from you and reveals her perfect ass, pussy and anus. She tells you to get a really good look and to keep stroking, you’ll be desperate for her nectar if you’re not already. She wants you to get to the edge and then you will be allowed to cum while drinking her piss. “You’ll be thinking about drinking my piss day and night even when other people” she tells you. T now raises herself up over the toilet lid and starts to pee, just a bit to tease you. “You’ll have to get under me” she says. She lets out some more pee, all over your face then tells you to lick her pussy. She pees some more, it’s going on you and in you. Keep stroking your cock. Drink and stroke, more piss, then more and finally she is done and she orders you to cum. As you cum she finds a piss reserve and pees some more, this time covering you in it. “Be my fucking toilet” she tells you. Then before she is done with you she tells you to get in there and lick her pussy clean and thank her for being allowed to be her toilet paper. “Fucking piss drinker.”
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