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MissAlikaWhite - Thank the Guys Who Fuck Me

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MissAlikaWhite - Thank the Guys Who Fuck Me

We’ve establish that you’re never going to be the kind of man that guys look up to and women want to be with. I know that because you wanted to read the description of a video called “Thank the Guys Who Fuck Me”. I mean, what does that say about you? Out in the big bad world, no one respects you. No one wants you. But in my world you actually have a reason to exist.You might be smitten with me but at least you’re smart enough to know you’ll never have a woman like me. You come here knowing that you’ll be abused, ridiculed, embarrassed and cucked. But it’s worth it for you because that is the only way you can get close to me. You spend your time worshiping me, while I’m out having fun with real men. Men who also have no respect for you.I’m going to tell you what I tell those men about you. I expect it’ll make you cringe. I’ll also make you thank them for giving me the kind of pleasure a cuck loser like you never could. I’ll tell you exactly what to say to them.Beta Acceptance, Beta Bitch Boy, Beta Humiliation, Beta Male Training, Cuck, Cuckold, Humiliation, Jerk Off Instruction, Pussy Denial, Verbal Humiliation,
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