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Randy Moore – Harold the Barrel

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Randy Moore – Harold the Barrel

I do love shooting this girl standing. Randy’s legs seem to go on forever, and when you add the six-inch plus stilettos they look even better. I had an idea going into this set what I was going to do, but in terms of the bondage, that just sort of happened. Another one of those cases where I started wrapping and weaving and ended up with something cool. For safety and to make sure Randy didn’t wander off, I attached her to a large metal frame. The rope from the ceiling is tight, but it isn’t really taking much pressure off her feet. Shoes like these are really difficult to stand in for any period of time. Like anything extreme, it doesn’t take long for them to become the focus of Randy’s predicament. I have to say that this latex outfit looks just super fab on Randy – and the contrast of the knotted crotchrope against that shine of the tight shorts, well that never get’s old. Question: How easy is it to make this predicament even tougher? Easy. just add a rope that pulls one of her feet off the ground. This folks is just as hard as it looks. Standing in two of those shoes is bad enough. My hat goes off to Randy for enduring this and then the subsequent and in many ways even harder video clip. super sexy stuff indeed. Thanks..
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