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IWantPoison – Erotic Whispers to a bad husband! LOOP!

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IWantPoison – Erotic Whispers to a bad husband! LOOP!

Your wife is Asleeep, unknowing of what you’re up to, isn’t she…. well, I like it that way, No- I LOVE it that way. I LOVE stealing you away from her, I lOVE a Poisoned love affair… I LOVE knowing she’s asleeep while youre pumping on MY cock. Ill whisper directly to you for the whole clip, lets keep it quiet, I want you pumping in the next room, I want to intensify this naughty secret and I want you thinking of this clip while she’s talking to you, I want you ignoring her texts to crave me more. I love being your filthy perverted secret. And how could you resist? I a million times the woman she is, so lets have some fun with my cock and disregard those wedding vows! * sexually stimulating binaural beats are used- perfect for the headphones you’ll be wearing so that she doesn’t hear! TheDyballatrix on twitter and WantPoison for clip updates
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