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Eva de Vil - No Nut November

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Eva de Vil - No Nut November

After an excruciating month enduring Locktober, the day has finally come for you to relieve yourself of your cage. You must be so excited to shed that constraining contraption at last and get on with the serious business of emptying your balls!But didn’t you know? After Locktober comes No Nut November! As you start to pump, your cock rapidly regaining its former vitality, you gaze at my perfect body with despair. I’m rewarding you for being so dedicated to the challenge by extending it for another month, with new, uniquely grueling rules!I wave my gorgeous ass, dissected by my shiny thong, and command you to edge every day with no release. You’ll be utterly distraught from arousal, falling apart at the seams as you attempt to contain your cum in your swollen balls! Goddess knows what’s best for you. I hope you’re grateful for your further training as my devoted denial slave!Ass Worship, Brunette, Edging, Frustration, Locktober, Positive Femdom, Sensual Domination, Shiny, Slave Training, Tease and Denial,
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