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Clubstiletto – Accept it hubby or Get the Fuck Out – Goddess Kelli

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Clubstiletto – Accept it hubby or Get the Fuck Out – Goddess Kelli

The scene opens with Goddess Kelli naked, except for fishnet stockings, laying on the couch and touching herself. She tells you that she’s sick of you and your dick is useless but she’s decided to keep you around as her cuckold. “I found a younger, sexier, hung black man that I’ve been fucking so you can accept your new role or get the fuck out”, she says. She explains your new job will be to clean her after she is done fucking, as well as shaving and bathing her, cooking and doing laundry, washing her car, grocery shopping and so on. “You’re the new wife” she says with a laugh. She knows you are so desperate not to lose her that you will agree to anything she says. She continues, “You might be able to stand in the corner and stroke yourself while Tyron dicks me down.” She purrs as she tells you how big and fat his cock is and how she loves it when he stretches her little pink hole. “I’ll have him shoot a big load in my pussy and you’ll clean it out” she says and then calls you in close, to bring your mouth right by her pussy lips and to imagine the cum dripping out. The whole time she touches and rubs herself and says she wants to see you swallowing all his cum every time her fucks her. Kelli says she will be having her lover over soon but first she needs you to clean the house because her boyfriend hates a dirty house and she doesn’t want him displeased. Now Kelli licks her fingers and starts rubbing her pussy harder and saying the thought of Tyron fucking her and then seeing you lick her clean after has her so horny. She also explains that you will have to become a perfect cock sucker and she wants to see you sucking and licking and gagging on every inch of his cock before he enters her glorious cunt. You will be Tyron’s little bitch, not only sucking his cock but licking his balls and cleaning his cock after it’s been inside her. “He’ll hold you by the ears and face fuck you until he’s ready to fuck me” she tells you. She then orders you off to clean the house because Tyron will be over soon and she suggests you work on mouth stretching exercises too because he’ll have to get used to having a 14″ cock inside it.
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