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Feliciafisher - Extremely Filthy Toilet Talk With Puck

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Feliciafisher - Extremely Filthy Toilet Talk With Puck

Puck and I are your coworkers and we are overjoyed when you come over Friday night to grab some paperwork to do for us this weekend. I couldn’t help but bring up that I saw those sexts you got from that girl of her on the toilet- is that your thing?! Do you pay for that?! Your blushing gave you away completely!! We know you love nasty buttholes and girls who pee and fart on the toilet!! We know you love that stuff! We tease and berate you, telling you how nasty and pervy you are!! We say the filthiest toilet related dirty talk we can think of, back and forth, then threaten to tell the boss just to see you twitch! We can make you a deal though- you be our little potty toilet slave as long as we tell you to be or we’re going to tell your GF, your boss, the office, EVERYONE what you’re into! Don’t worry, we’re here to corrupt you- and get even nastier than the girl in that toilet video ;p we talk and tell you through our toilet seat how we’re going to make you worship our farts and asshole and secretions and piss and EVERYTHING, in great gross detail, going back and forth through the view of the toilet seat. We show off our faces up close mesmerizing you with our soft voices and filthy nasty dirty toilet talk about your future life as our toilet slave. We end the video on the bed showing off our asses and switching back and forth, describing just what life as a toilet will be like for you
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