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Sexual Disgrace – July 4, 2019 – James Kickstand, Stella May/Stella May Gets

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Sexual Disgrace – July 4, 2019 – James Kickstand, Stella May/Stella May Gets

I can’t resist my Master. He doesn’t have to bring me to his dungeon anymore. I go and wait to be used. This time he had a pleasant surprise for me, something I’ve never tried before: the Sybian. If you thought he wore my pussy out before, this session pushed me even further. He shackled my arms apart like wings, wrists attached to two wooden posts. On my knees, the sybian underneath me, my pussy right on the vibrating palette. I assumed it was like a magic wand but soon found out I was wrong. The way he was playing with my pussy and clit, pushing me down on the machine, I wouldn’t want to escape. I loved him reaching deep inside my throat with his cock, rubbing my pussy on the vibrator beneath me. It came to the point where it was too much. But he loves pushing my limits. He wants me to be the perfect slutty sex slave. I hope this pleases him. All I want is his dick. In return, he makes me orgasm over and over again. The buzz was so strong I felt like I was cumming non-stop throughout it all. I love my master.
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